Board of Directors of Cornerstones of Care and Cornerstones of Care Foundation —

We have begun posting our draft 2016 IRS Form 990s for board member access and review.

As the legal merger of the Cornerstones of Care organizations was effective January 1, 2017, these 2016 990s reflect our pre-merger structure, in that we have nine separate 990 filings, one for each pre-merger organization. That said, for those organizations that merged into another organization on January 1, this 990 filing serves as both the 2016 filing and the final filing. For these entities, you will see a “Final return” box checked on the cover page and will see the ending net assets at zero, with other schedules and comments throughout the report that explain this activity.  As a reminder:

  • Gillis, Marillac, Ozanam, and Spofford have “final return” filings, as these entities merged into Cornerstones of Care
  • Marillac Foundation and Spofford Foundation have “final return” filings, as these entities merged into Ozanam Foundation, which was then renamed Cornerstones of Care Foundation
  • Ozanam Thriftmart is not yet impacted by these changes

For those organizations on whose board you served or with which you were most familiar at year-end 2016, please review the draft 990(s) and return any comments or suggested revisions to Chief Financial Officer Eric Giovanni or Director of Finance and Accounting Mike Kerr, by the due date for the 990 in question, as indicated. Eric can be reached at 816.508.1708 or Eric.Giovanni@cornerstonesofcare.org. Mike can be reached at 816.508.1718 or Michael.Kerr@cornerstonesofcare.org.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this review process. Thank you in advance for your attention to this important initiative.