5 Adorable Things About Being a Foster Parent

5 Adorable Things About Being a Foster Parent

My name is Rebekah and my husband and I recently became licensed foster parents through Cornerstones of Care. My mom would tell you I have waited my entire life for this. Growing up, I always knew I would foster and adopt kids, but most people would probably tell you that this month has been six years in the making. Six years of evaluating our state, county, and personal parameters on what foster care and adoption might mean for us.  Our own ideas about what our foster care journey would look like have changed quite a bit during that time, but we finally found our stride with fostering older kids.

However, I have been unable to help myself from being the doting new mother of our 4-foot-tall boy who we’ve nicknamed ‘Tuff Stuff’. I am snapping pictures and treasuring each new moment and experience, and just like a little one, he’s done a lot of pretty lovable things that have endeared me to him quite quickly. Here are the top five cutest things that have happened since he’s been with us:

  1. Last night, I got to read to him until he fell asleep. I stopped when I heard his soft breathing, just like I used to do when my bio son was little. I could really stop this post right here.
  2. Him and animals. My phone is full of the cutest pics of him with all different animals. I don't think he's ever met one he didn't like. 
  3. The compliments he gets. My bio son tends to get the same compliments over and over. Tuff Stuff's compliments are very different than my bio son’s and it makes me appreciate all of them even more. 
  4. Watching him set up his room. Imagine watching your new baby straightening out their toys, hanging posters and making themselves at home. I've just stood back and smiled. "You put that poster wherever you want, bud."
  5. He lets me cut his PB&J! To me, this is a quintessential mom moment that my bio son has ROBBED me of, he hates PB&J. Tuffy's got my back.

He’s pretty great, right? Unfortunately, while he is pretty special, his story isn’t unique. There are a lot of kids out there just like Tuff Stuff, that need someone to cut the crusts off of their PB&J and beam with pride as they are complimented in public. Of course, not every day will be perfect and that’s why we need our friends and families for support. I’ve latched on to the people that move past our confusing new family dynamic and overwhelming mix of emotions and are excited with us. They tell us how polite our kids are and congratulate us! They do this not only because we’re excited, but also because these kiddos are worth being excited about.

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Rebekah has spent her career working with kids and was excited when the time was finally right to become a foster mom in 2016.  Now a mom to both foster and biological children, Rebekah is learning just how different, yet uniquely rewarding foster parenting can be.