Becoming the "World's Greatest Dad"

Becoming the "World's Greatest Dad"

Being a dad can be difficult, and the role you play as a dad or father figure can greatly vary from family to family. However, one thing is for sure. To be the “World’s Greatest Dad” in the eyes of your child, you must be actively present in their life. Being the “World’s Greatest Dad” isn’t about perfection — it’s about being there and making the moments count.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative®, children with more involved fathers experienced fewer behavioral problems, scored higher on reading achievement, and were able to maintain more stable relationships as they grew.

Whether your children are three months or 17 years old, we can help you set the framework to build healthy relationship that will last a lifetime. We know that active fathers make a significant positive impact in a child’s life. This is why we offer a FREE fathering empowerment program called BraveHearts for Dads. In this program, we focus on three key areas to help you be the “World’s Greatest Dad”:

  1. Self-awareness. The “World’s Greatest Dad” knows who he is, where he came from, his strengths and his weaknesses. The way we see and feel about ourselves impact our children’s viewpoints as well. During our program, we’ll talk about practicing techniques, such as positive self-talk and self-care, that will help alter how we see ourselves as an individual and as a father.
  2. The importance of being involved. The “World’s Greatest Dad” is able to focus and be “in the now” when it comes to spending time with his children. Together, we’ll work on mindfulness techniques that will help you stay present while balancing the other responsibilities you have sitting heavy on your mind. We will also work on what you’d like to be different for your child, and how to actively make that happen.
  3. Good relationship skills. The “World’s Greatest Dad” understands that his relationships with others can impact the relationship he has with his children. We’ll work on understanding and using positive communication techniques, such as “Praise for Being”, to enhance our relationships. Techniques like this can be particularly helpful to use in co-parenting relationships.

To learn more and meet other dads who are faced with similar challenges, sign up to hear more about our next free BraveHearts for Dads session in your area.

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