Setting Dads Up for Success

Setting Dads Up for Success

Meet Gerald Palmer. Gerald is the program facilitator for our BraveHearts for Dads program. When he’s not wrangling his own children or advocating for social justice causes, Palmer leads psychoeducation groups focused on empowering fathers and father figures to be the fathers they want to be.

Each six-week session is guided by the 24-7 Dad® curriculum by the National Fatherhood Initiative®. Group members learn skills for interacting with their child(ren)’s mother and other caregivers, gain a better understanding of bonding and attachment, and take ownership of their rights and responsibilities as fathers. They also learn about child development, discipline skills and how to better manage their physical and mental health.

The key to BraveHearts for Dads’ success is self-awareness. Participants gain confidence in their role as a father and are given a group of other men to walk with in the process.

“The curriculum is built around questions like, ‘How well do I know myself?’, ‘How well do I father?’, and others,” Palmer says. “What excites me most about BraveHearts for Dads is the fact that this program actually works. The dads who take part not only retain the information from the curriculum, they also gain support from the other dads in their cohort.”

BraveHearts for Dads is a free program, and any father or caregiver seeking to improve the relationship with their child and strengthen their protective factors is encouraged to enroll. The program consists of six weekly Sunday sessions from 1-5 pm at our Hyde Park Campus in central Kansas City, Mo.

Research shows when fathers are involved with their children, even if they aren’t living in the home, rates of juvenile delinquency and teenage pregnancy decline. Given the success of the BraveHearts for Dads program thus far, the future looks bright for its growth and expansion.

“I view BraveHearts for Dads as that work of art with plenty of canvas yet to fill,” Palmer says. “In the near future, we are looking to add Fatherhood Life Coaching® and a Dad to Dad® component where dads who have gone through BraveHearts and other seasoned fathers can become guides to others in the program.”

“The most rewarding part of my role as program facilitator is seeing the transformation of those I serve as they discover the gifts and strengths that they never knew they had,” he adds.

Click here to donate to the BraveHearts for Dads program, and here if you’re interested in participating.