Why We Need Treatment Foster Care Parents

Why We Need Treatment Foster Care Parents

When an individual or couple arrives at the decision to become foster-care certified, there are many routes to take. These include traditional foster care, kinship foster care, respite care and medical foster care.

Though we offer certification for all of the above, the most pressing need in our communities — and the one that we’re uniquely set up to provide — is for treatment foster care providers.

Treatment foster care (TFC) is the highest-available level of foster care currently available to children who have particularly harrowing life experiences. Our trauma-informed TFC training equips individuals, couples and families to provide therapeutic care in the home where children feel most secure.

In 2017, Cornerstones of Care 68 youth in need of the specialized programming only treatment foster care homes can provide. 

Sadly, many of these were unable to be filled due to a shortage of available TFC licensed homes.

We believe that no child should have to go without a loving family that helps them navigate life’s difficulties and heal from trauma. However, the reality is that not everyone is willing or able to step up to the plate of becoming a certified TFC parent.

That’s Where You Come In

We are actively recruiting potential treatment foster care parents for the St. Louis, metro, Kansas City metro and NW Missouri counties. If you or someone you know is interested or would like more information, please contact us.