Have Questions About Reunification? Our Expert Has Answers.

Have Questions About Reunification? Our Expert Has Answers.

In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month, we’ve asked our experts to share one thing they’d like our community to better understand about foster care.

Kristy Blagg, our foster care recruitment specialist, wants to remind everyone that mental health challenges, trauma and chronic stress are the primary reasons a parent may lose temporary custody of their child. But, most parents are committed to growth and change so their child can return home.

Whenever possible, we partner with families to make this a reality through reunification.

What is reunification? 

Reunification is when a child returns home from temporary state custody to their family.

Why is reunification important? 

Reunification is important to a child’s wellbeing as a continuous relationship with their caretaker (often their biological parent) is essential to emotional stability and growth. Separation and lack of stability inherent in out-of-home placement may be psychologically damaging when a child feels a lack of attachment to their caretaker. After receiving services to avoid future removal, children and families are able to come together again and live a healthier, safer life together.

When is reunification not an option? 

Reunification is not an option when parents are unable to provide a safe, stable home setting for their children after being given a sufficient amount of time and resources to be able to do so. 

How does the reunification process work? 

The process to reunify looks different for each family. For some families, attaining stable housing is part of their goals. For others, create social supports, improving parenting skills, undergoing substance abuse treatment, etc., are part of the process of reunification. 

We believe that every child deserves to be part of a loving home, and we work as hard as we can to, when possible, help families regain custody of their children and live together healthily.

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