Advancing Safety and Health in Kansas City

Older transition-aged youth and young adults have shared their concerns and confusion when it comes to the healthcare options available to them after aging out of the foster care system: 

  • “I never really feel welcome. The receptionists are usually really grouchy and get frustrated when I ask a question, so I just stopped asking.” —Madison, 18
  • “Don’t you have to have insurance to go to the doctor? I don’t even know if I have that. If I do, I have no idea how to use it.” —Juan, 17

In Missouri’s eastern Jackson County, 9.81% of the population is uninsured. In fact, in all of Jackson County, there is only one primary care physician for every 1,310 residents and only one dentist for every 1,240 residents. 

Lack of access to consistent healthcare causes children and young adults with complex needs to miss out on basic preventative care such as immunizations, child wellness check-ups and dental cleanings.

Together, Cornerstones of Care and KC CARE Health Center are tackling this issue by launching Homeroom Health, a pediatric healthcare center to be located at 30th and Troost in Kansas City, Mo. Its trauma-informed design and fully integrated model of physical, oral, behavioral and social healthcare will:

  • Improve access to care and the patient/client care experience.
  • Cater to the unique needs of children in foster care.
  • Create a centralized hub of healthcare records and improve medication management for a highly mobile pediatric population.
  • Utilize a positive youth development framework to empower young adults to access healthcare.
  • Provide a safe landing-spot for transient older youth (including showers, Wi-Fi and charging stations).

 Thanks to generous community partners and funds raised through the 2018 Chiefs Charity Game, Homeroom Health is projected to open this summer. Funds from the 2019 Chiefs Charity Game will support its first-year startup and implementation costs.

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