Learn More About... Homeroom Health

Learn More About... Homeroom Health

Homeroom Health is a pediatric health center powered by Cornerstones of Care and KC CARE Health Center. Each day, it serves infants, children, teens and young adults (birth to age 24) with or without insurance or Medicaid. This fully-integrated trauma-informed model is the first of its kind, connecting primary care, dental care,behavioral health, and social health. The specific emphasis on social health, also known as the “Social Determinants of Health” is what makes Homeroom Health unique. 

Social Determinants of Health are the economic and social conditions that influence where we grow up, live and work. Systems, economic policies,  development agendas, social norms, social policies and political systems all play factors in a neighborhood’s social determinacy of health.

The Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion breaks it into 5 categories that reflect key issues that make up the underlying factors of Social Determinants of Health. The graphic below lists the domains and examples that fall within each.

Social determinants of health are primarily responsible for health inequity and are preventable. Policy changes, preventative services, screenings, and creative partnerships are a few ways we can address the disproportionate impact on communities.

At Homeroom Health, the Hangout is designed to improve the social determinants of health for teens and young adults in three ways:

  1. On-site resources
  2. One-on-one support
  3. Group based interventions.

The Hangout offers these services, plus free showers, snacks, hygiene kits, feminine hygiene products, access to laptops, WIFI, and charging stations to anyone under 24 years-old (and their caretakers) from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Appointments are available and walk-ins are always welcome!  We also have a space that you can hangout and safely work toward your goals or watch Netflix.  

Our on-site team is also available to provide one-on-one support. We are happy to talk through what’s on your mind or to work with you on a specific education or employment goal. We know that navigating resources can be difficult and we are here to make that process easier.

Group-based services are available for 14-24 years-old and caregivers of those birth through 18. Our courses, that change each semester, build community, provide information, and will leave you feeling empowered. Whether you’re looking to build a resume, learn about child development, or find ways to care for yourself better, we are here for you. A full listing of our events can be found at homeroomhealth.org/upcoming events.