A community partner with a presence in Maryville, Nodaway County and surrounding communities since 2013, we ensure the safety and health of children and families through a wide array of community-based programs and in-home services in the area, including:

  • The recruitment, licensing, training and support of foster families and healing homes for 1,400 children in state custody in Northwest Missouri.
  • Outpatient therapy programs that are unique among providers in the region, offering an in-home counseling option for the mental health needs of more than 60 children annually in a comfortable, familiar environment.
  • Our Pathways transitional living program, which provide young adults with encouragement and guidance during times of uncertainty through wrap-around services, including: apartment-style living, a living expense assessment program, life skills curriculum, job coaching, counseling, personal finance education, mentoring and connections to community resources.
  • Intensive in-home services and family reunification services to support healthy, stable home environments that are safe for children.
  • Community trainings for parents, educators, law enforcement and community members to develop parenting skills, healthy relationships and conflict management, or important child welfare issues like human trafficking, all taught by our professional experts. 

Jones Family Story

The Jones family stepped into the role of being foster parents in rural Missouri. Now, they play a crucial role in keeping families safely together. 

Matthew's Story

Play therapy helped 10-year-old Matthew learn new social and emotional control skills to grow beyond the abuse he experienced at a young age.

Abbott Family Story

The Abbotts, who typically thrived, felt in over their heads with their first child. Lacking a network to learn the best way to care for Chloe, she was removed from the home. But they were determined to develop the skills they needed to bring Chloe back home.

Our Most Urgent Needs

Right now, we're in critical need of individuals, couples and families to become certified foster care homes. Interested in joining our team of foster parents? Attend one of our upcoming info sessions, one-on-one chats or fill out this form and we will be in touch!

Become a Foster Parent

You can also ensure the safety and health of Maryville and NW Missouri children and families by making a donation today to support programs like outpatient counseling.

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