Is the oft-quoted saying, "Your first visit with a trafficking victim may be your last visit," true?

In our Human Trafficking class, the complex dynamics of being commercially exploited are explored with a focus on traumatic bonds, physical and mental health implications and needs for services. Several assessments for human trafficking will be discussed, as well as ethical challenges in serving the trafficking survivor. This course will:

  • Review the components of a trafficking case
  • Explain the challenges of traumatic bonding and list the implications for victims    
  • List possible social, emotional and psychological consequences of being trafficked
  • Articulate various approaches to support the victim on their path to survivor
  • Familiarize participants with various trafficking assessments
  • Assist participants in applying learning to trafficking cases by articulating an understanding of ethical challenges

Previous human trafficking training is recommended but not required.

This course is facilitated by Pam Hamilton, MSW, LCSW, and Kim Case, BS, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise on this topic. Pam currently serves as an appointed member of the Missouri Attorney General's Human Trafficking Task Force and has trained thousands of child welfare workers, police officers, therapists and medical personnel on identifying the signs of human trafficking and how to best support victims in their path to survivorship. Kim is the former Missouri Sheriff's Association's Director of Crime Victims Unit. She is a Missouri state certified POST trainer and a National Technical Trainer with the Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.
  • Facilitators — Pam Hamilton, MSW, LCSW and Kim Case, BS
  • CEUs — 6 CEUs
  • Cost — $60
  • Location — Cornerstones of Care — Roeland Park (Roeland Park Community Center, 4850 Rosewood Blvd, Roeland Park, KS)

Registration Information

If you would like to register multiple attendees, please contact Shelby Clark at shelby.clark@cornerstonesofcare.org.