Meet Some of the Children Up for Adoption Right Now

These children, among others not currently listed, are available for adoption right now. We strongly believe that every child deserves a family and a home. If you're interested in potentially adopting on of the children listed below please contact us directly at 855-778-5437.

Meet Baylen

Baylen is handsome boy whose smile will melt your heart! He is creative and active, enjoying video games, sports and playing the piano. Braylen cares deeply for his family and is very kind-hearted. He is smart, talkative and a hard worker academically. While Braylen does struggle with expressing his feelings and can get aggressive when he's frustrated, he does respond well to redirection. It is believed the best placement for Braylen would be one with consistent supervision and the ability to redirect at time.

Birthday: April 2010

Status: Not legally free for adoption at this time

Contact: Jordan Thornton at 816-591-1791 or jordan.thornton@cornerstonesofcare.org.

Meet Mason

Mason is a happy and adventurous boy who likes to build with his Legos — and with random things around the house — then display his creations. He enjoys the outdoors, plays soccer and lacrosse (he says he likes lacrosse better than soccer!), is fascinated by animals, likes chess and relaxes with video games. Currently in the 6th grade, Mason struggle academically but does not have an IEP at this time. He is behind in reading and math; however, he is doing better and continues to improve his scores in both subjects. It is believed the best placement for Mason would be one with consistent stability, a regular schedule, love and affection and a developmentally stimulating environment.

Birthday: October 2008

Status: Legally free for adoption

Contact: Jorden Matney-McCorkle at 816-853-2527 or jorden.matney-mccorkle@cornerstonesofcare.org.

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