Meet Some of the Children Up for Adoption Right Now

These children, among others not currently listed, are available for adoption right now. We strongly believe that every child deserves a family and a home. If you're interested in potentially adopting on of the children listed below please contact us directly at 855-778-5437.

Sebastian and Gabe

Sebastian (pictured) is an active, 6-year-old Caucasian boy. He has short brown hair and brown eyes.  He has a very sweet smile and loves to make people laugh and smile. Sebastian enjoys playing video games, playing outside, and riding his bike. He also enjoys playing with his older sibling. Sebastian is not shy around people and typically warms up to others quickly. He is very inquisitive and is always asking questions.  He loves to know what is going on all the time and why things are happening. Sebastian has strong ties to his current placement provider that he would like to maintain a connection with post-adoption.

Gage is a shy, 7-year-old Caucasian boy.  He has brown hair and brown eyes. He and his younger brother look like they could be twins. Gage likes to sit back and watch before he talks or interacts. Once he gets to know people, he talks often but is still shy at times. He loves to help others and is very affectionate. Gage also likes to ride his bike, play video games and enjoys playing with hot wheels.   

Gage and Sebastian need a family that is sensitive to their emotional needs and they both need to feel safe. They both need structure and a family that will encourage them to do extracurricular activities. Both of the boys have been through a lot of trauma. They will need a family who will be able to support them. They will do well with other children in the home.   

Birthdays: Sebastian, February 2014; Gage, February 2013

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact:  Erica Cox at 816-520-3687 or Erica.Cox@cornerstonesofcare.org.

William, Cameron and Kyle

William is a 5’7” caucasian teenager. He has short blonde hair and a sweet smile.  He is very polite and aims to please those around him. William enjoys playing video games and spending time with his siblings. William has a very kind and sensitive and is protective of his younger brothers. He enjoys school and wants to do well.  William can be very shy and sometimes struggles to open up. However, once he knows you are trustworthy, he will open up. William has strong ties to his current placement provider that he would like to maintain a connection with. 

Cameron is an engaging and inquisitive 9-year-old, caucasian boy. He has dark hair and dark eyes. He and his younger brother look like they could be twins despite their age difference. Cameron loves to ask questions and learn new things together with his caregivers. Cameron enjoys playing with hot wheels cars and building Legos. Cameron has experienced past physical trauma and has been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury. 

Kyle is an energetic 7-year-old, caucasian boy who loves his siblings! Kyle is bonded to his siblings and is always concerned for them. Kyle loves to play video games and watch silly videos on YouTube. 

William needs a family that is sensitive to his emotions and his sense of protection over his siblings. He needs a family that will also encourage him to succeed in school and in extracurricular activities. Cameron needs a family that is understanding of his medical needs and the mental/emotional/behavioral needs that come with his trauma. Cameron needs a family that can provide him with a structured environment and is creative in engaging his attention. Kyle needs a family that can support his mental health needs and provide a structured environment.

Birthdays: William, October 2007; Cameron, March 2011; Kyle, January 2013

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact:  Karen Schmitz at 816-527-3249 or Karen.Schmitz@cornerstonesofcare.org.

Airianna ("Annie")

Airianna ("Annie") is a joyful, content and loving girl who enjoys playing on her tablet and is extremely talented at navigating electronics. Recently, she discovered a love for running as well. Annie has a hearty appetite and will eat just about anything. Though nonverbal, Annie interacts well with her environment through facial expressions, bodily motions and gestures. It is believed the best placement for Annie would be one with patience, consistency and activity. Due to being nonverbal, Annie would greatly benefit from a caregiver committed to helping her build on her communication skills.

Birthday: September 2005

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact: Asriel Brown at 816-605-0122 or asriel.brown@cornerstonesofcare.org.


Alex is a sweet boy who is shy when he first meets someone, but is very affectionate with the people he forms a relationship with. He is a very active boy who likes to be on the move, playing outdoors and swimming. Alex also enjoys playing match games on his iPad and listening to music. Though he enjoys being around people, Alex sometimes needs reminders on how to set boundaries regarding personal space. Alex has been diagnosed with autistic disorder and although he can play with other children, he prefers to play alone. Alex enjoys school and works well with his teachers. He has an IEP for specialized school as well occupational and speech therapy services to aid in his limited speech. Alex is in need of a forever family who will be patient and understanding while providing consistent structure and routine — he thrives in this type of setting. Alex's forever family will be sensitive to developmental versus chronological age and be willing to access support resources for Alex. 

Birthdays: March 2006

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact: Megan Richardson at 816-678-6961 or megan.richardson@cornerstonesofcare.org

Alexander & Braden

Alexander and Braden are brothers who both have loving, outgoing and goofy personalities. Alexander is a laid-back boy who enjoys playing his X-Box One, is very interested in music and is well liked by his peers. Braden is an outgoing and joyful boy who loves to create art.

Part of the reason the boys were brought into care was for educational neglect. As a result, both have significant delays in school and tend to struggle. Though Alexander does not have an IEP, there is a plan in place at his school and in his current placement to ensure his academic success. Braden has an IEP and is currently in special education classes for math and reading.

Both boys have a strong bond and the best family for them would be one that keeps them together, is affectionate, builds self-esteem and works with them on being academically successful.


Status: Both Alexander and Braden are legally free for adoption.

Contact: Theresa Hernandez at 816-912-8824 or theresa.hernandez@cornerstonesofcare.org


Mason is a happy and adventurous boy who likes to build with his Legos — and with random things around the house — then display his creations. He enjoys the outdoors, plays soccer and lacrosse (he says he likes lacrosse better than soccer!), is fascinated by animals, likes chess and relaxes with video games. Currently in the 6th grade, Mason struggle academically but does not have an IEP at this time. He is behind in reading and math; however, he is doing better and continues to improve his scores in both subjects. It is believed the best placement for Mason would be one with consistent stability, a regular schedule, love and affection and a developmentally stimulating environment.

Birthday: October 2008

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact: Jorden Matney-McCorkle at 816-853-2527 or jorden.matney-mccorkle@cornerstonesofcare.org.


Shamika is an energetic and tall girl for her age who loves listening to music and singing. She also enjoys coloring, playing games, figuring out puzzles and telling stories. She has a sweet tooth, so when she gets a chance, she will take you up on sweet treats such as candy or gum. Shamika may act shy at times, especially when she meets someone new, but once she feels comfortable around you, she will respond to questions about her feelings, wants or needs directly and honestly. Shamika likes animals but does express a fear of bigger dogs. It is believed that Shamika needs a family that is trauma-informed who will be able to provide structure and routine. 

Birthday: July 2005

Status: Legally free for adoption.

Contact: Megan Richardson at 816-678-6961 or megan.richardson@cornerstonesofcare.org


Trey is a fun, exuberant, transgender female who prefers to go by the name of Tiana. A social butterfly, Tiana enjoys theater, cheerleading, singing and dancing. Though Tiana strives to do well in her daily life, she sometimes needs assistance and encouragement to continue to push her toward her goals. Tiana needs an affectionate, loving and accepting home to help her through her teenage years and to help her find herself. Mostly, Tiana just wants to be accepted for who she is, and is looking for someone who has the patience to work with her.

Birthday: September 2003

Status: Not legally free for adoption at this time.

Contact: Audrey Metzger at 816-507-1494 or audrey.metzger@cornerstonesofcare.org.


Benny is a handsome Caucasian 17-year-old young man, who has a smile that will melt your heart! Benny cares deeply for the people in his life and is a hard worker in school. Benny is creative and very active. Benny enjoys video games, basketball and playing with Pokémon cards. While Benny does struggle with expressing his feelings at home, he does respond well to redirection. 

Benny is very smart and kind hearted.  He is very talkative and tends to speak his mind. Benny is very active and full of energy. Benny can shut down emotionally when he’s frustrated and is very stubborn at times. Benny needs supervision and redirection at times.

Birthday: March 2003

Status: We are recruiting families that are willing to be an adopted resource for Benny. He is not legally free for adoption at this time. For more information please contact Lauren Hatten.

Contact: Lauren Hatten at 816-506-2134 or Lauren.Hatten@cornerstonesofcare.org