Like most students, foster youth have post-secondary aspirations to attend college or vocational school. Unfortunately, foster youth often face many barriers — such as a lack of financial resources, lack of emotional support and lack of social opportunities — that make it difficult to obtain a higher education. Our Youth Educational Success Program (YES) addresses these barriers to increase the number of foster youths attending and graduating from a higher education program.

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Do you know someone who can beat the odds? Let us help them meet their post-secondary education goals. Through the YES program, they’ll receive:

  • Assistance navigating higher educational programs. We’ll assist with scheduling and attending campus tours, class enrollment and understanding the financial aid process.
  • Weekly tutoring. We’ll provide weekly individual tutoring in areas where it's needed most.
  • Monitoring of academic performance. As part of the program, we’ll monitor grades, attendance and overall academic performance.
  • Monthly Success Groups. These success groups help youth learn independent living skills.
  • Network of Life Coaches.  Youth will immediately gain a network of support and connections through Life Coaches involved in the program.
  • Guidance with career exploration. We’ll also assist with career exploration with community partners for job shadowing and internships.
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What Makes Someone Eligible?

Adolescents are eligible for the YES program if they meet the following requirements:

  • Current or former foster youth ages 14 - 23 (at time of application)
  • Has obtained high school diploma/GED/HiSet, or on track to graduate from high school
  • Attends school regularly
  • Is currently enrolled or desires to be enrolled in a post-secondary education program or college
  • Demonstrates dedication and commitment to education

Call toll-free 855-778-5437 (press 3) to learn more.

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Help Foster Youth Succeed

  • Become a life coach and develop an unconditional relationship with a YES participant, providing stability while they pursue their goals. Some examples of support life coaches provide include: frequent phone calls, encouraging texts, sharing a meal, sending a care package, and/or attending achievement events. We carefully match each life coach with a youth based on their needs and interests. Sign up to become a volunteer life coach.
  • Assist with transportation needs. Often our foster youth have transportation obstacles. As a transportation volunteer you may help youth attend Monthly Success Groups, YES activities and appointments. Sign up to become a transportation volunteer.
  • Sign up to be a tutor. We are always seeking tutors to assist foster youth in the program with math, science, reading and writing. Sign up to become a volunteer tutor.
  • Make a financial donation. Financial contributions allow foster youth to focus on their education while reducing financial and emotional stress. Donations will assist with living expenses, groceries, utilities, rent, books, tuition, testing/application fees and transportation. Make an online gift.
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The YES Program is generously supported by The Alex Smith FoundationOPUS Foundation and The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.