Partnering with Families and Celebrating Change

We know for a child to thrive, the family unit must be safe and secure at home. We are excited to be the first organization to bring Solution-Based Casework® (SBC) to Missouri. SBC is an evidence-based preventative model specifically designed to:

  • Reduce lengths of stay for youth in residential treatment, and
  • Reduce re-entries of children into state custody by increasing domestic permanency.

Supported by our ideology of trauma-informed care, the model focuses on full-family health and provides practitioners with the tools necessary to assist families in avoiding potentially harmful behaviors by building healthy lifestyle skills to manage everyday challenges, such as stress.

SBC's assessment, case planning and casework approach focus on the entire family’s well-being to:

  1. Create a partnership based on consensus in a language the family understands.
  2. Focus that partnership on the patterns of everyday family life that directly relate to threats to safety.
  3. Target specific solutions such as prevention skills to create safety and reduce risk in those situations.

By assessing familial patterns and interactions, practitioners identify everyday challenges families experience that could jeopardize child safety. Action plans providing specific prevention, interruption and escape skills to combat those everyday challenges are developed for the whole family and individual family members to practice and document. By integrating both a problem- and solution-focused approach, the child’s unique needs are met in a nurturing environment while the family’s confidence in their own capabilities is restored.