Gillis, Healthy Families, Marillac, Ozanam and Spofford have united for the next step in our journey together, becoming a single organization – Cornerstones of Care. Below are a few frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions about our merger or just want to talk further, we invite you to contact Laurie Minx at 816-508-3608 or laurie.minx@cornerstonesofcare.org.

The legacy of each merging organization will be retained as a “campus” name for Cornerstones of Care.  For example, while Gillis will no longer be a separate, independent agency, its legacy will continue to endure at 81st& Wornall as the Cornerstones of Care – Gillis Campus. As for our brand, going forward you will see and hear from us as Cornerstones of Care in both our name and logo.

Individuals from each of our previous Boards of Directors and the community have come together to form a single Board of Directors to provide strategic direction and guidance to the new organization. Denise Cross will continue to serve as the organization’s President/CEO. Learn more about our Leadership Team.

We expect that those we serve will realize many benefits as the organization continues to evolve. For example, anyone in need will be able to call one phone number to access all of our programs. By unifying our programs, children and families will receive cohesive and seamless service throughout their time in our care. Our children and families will continue receiving the highest quality of care, through best practices and consistency in care delivery across all our locations. We will also be better able to connect those we serve to other resources in their community as we develop new community-based partnerships. Learn more about Our Impact.

Your financial gifts are vital to our mission – and our mission to help children, families and our communities remains the same. We look forward to partnering with our donors to have an even greater impact, helping more children and families in need. As always, if you would like to direct donations to a specific program or service, you may continue to do so. Simply indicate your wishes in a brief letter/note when making your gift, or call us and we will gladly talk through our various programs, locations or initiatives that may meet your philanthropic goals. All donations can be made payable to “Cornerstones of Care”, and you will be thanked and receipted by Cornerstones of Care.

All of our special events are being evaluated to ensure excellent stewardship of your support. We have similar events from our merging organizations (for example, 3 gala events) and it is our goal to build upon the strengths of these historic events in 2017 and beyond. We look forward to sharing our full calendar of events in the near future, and hope you will continue to be a part of those events you enjoy.

Take a look at our upcoming events here

Absolutely! As they always have, volunteers will remain a critical part of our efforts. There are a variety of opportunities across all of our locations and services to make a difference, and we hope you will continue to give freely and frequently of your time and talents to benefit our children and families.

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

You can continue to support us throughout this transition and share your excitement with others as they ask! If you have been volunteering or supporting any of our locations or programs, we hope you continue to do so. If you already receive our communications, you will continue to hear from us as Cornerstones of Care; if not, sign up today for email communications and our newsletter. There are so many ways to get involved, and we invite you to share your enthusiasm and support for Cornerstones of Care as together, we extend our impact to help more children and families in our communities.

If you have a favorite staff partner, please feel free to continue connecting with that person with any needs or questions. In the future, we may introduce you to new staff to support your engagement in our mission. Or feel free to reach out to us directly at 844-824-8200 and we can direct you to the appropriate team based on your needs. 

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