COVID-19 created an unprecedented situation that affected us all. Our way of life changed, viewpoints shifted and communities banded together. But from these hardships, incredible stories have emerged. Stories of commitment, safety and resiliency. Stories that showcase the strength of our team members, families, communities and donors like you!

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In a quiet Kansas City, Kansas neighborhood, an ordinary family is an extraordinary gift for two children in foster care. This summer when Monica learned her grandson’s friend and sister were entering state custody, she immediately committed to providing a safe and stable home for them. Monica opened her heart and home to girls who experienced significant trauma. She worked alongside them to cope with the hurt they were feeling from being separated from their family. Monica is committed to ensuring all children are safe, loved, and healthy. When others said “no,” Monica said "yes," to being present for children in her community, to offering a sense of family, and to making sacrifices to keep them safe during a pandemic.


For the last 145 days, our team has stood on the front lines with families in each of our 18 communities. Stacie, a caseworker on our Family Preservation team, shared, “I am using Zoom video conferencing to meet with my families when circumstances don’t allow me inside the home. I’m able to observe the children, talk with parents and work with families to keep moving through case plan goals. Video conferencing also allows the family to show me the safety measures taken in their home, such as installing and testing smoke detectors. I can model parenting behavior and demonstrate what I am teaching and advising, ensuring children are safe.”

Recently Josh, a 17-year-old male, was ready to discharge from our residential treatment program. He had made incredible progress controlling his anger and learning to respect his peers and adults, but throughout his time with us, he could not wait to get back to his family who lived out-of-state. His mom had also worked hard improving her communication and problem-solving skills, and de-stressing the home so he could safely return. It had been four years since she had seen him and she couldn’t wait to hold him in her arms again.
But then the pandemic hit. The entire nation went into stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions increased. Both Josh and his mom were afraid they would have to wait months before he could return home. Not giving up on the chance to reunify this family as quickly as possible, our team immediately began working with our attorneys, the family court system and even started contacting airlines to obtain travel clearance for Josh, all while keeping his safety a top priority. Josh and his mom were so excited when we shared the news that he was indeed getting to go home!
We couldn’t have done this without the combined work of everyone involved, and it excites me to know that, even during these challenging times, we can remain committed to the work we do with children and families.

Sheila volunteered in one of our residential care dorms during stay-at-home orders. While volunteering, Sheila connected with many of the girls and shared her story of resiliency and offered words of wisdom. Here's what she said about her experience:

“I spent most of the time just talking with them and getting to know them and their stories. I especially enjoyed working in the girl’s dorm and hearing their life experiences while also sharing some of my own. I talked to a couple of girls about self-respect and self-confidence; letting them know that their value is found within, not in what other people think or in their relationship status. I shared some of my past relationship mistakes and that I was so glad I did not marry the first guy that came along. I shared that although my husband is not “my type”, I am so glad I gave him a chance because he treats me with respect and unconditional love that I had never felt because of him. I shared that it’s not about finding the best-looking person, but rather finding someone who is beautiful on the inside.”