Stand Up and Cheer, Stomp Your Feet, Start Clapping —
the 2019 Chiefs Charity Game is About to Happen!

Last year's Chiefs Charity Game was a huge win for our children and families and we can't wait to see what 2019's game will bring! The goal has been set — now we just need your help to reach it!

Get In On the Action!

You, too, can join the fun and show your support of your Kansas City Chiefs while helping keep children safe and families together.  There are many ways to get involved, with more to come!

2018 Post-Event Stats

We had a blast celebrating the success of the 2018 Chiefs Charity Game, and the funds raised have empowered us to continue identifying needs in the community and initiating new programs to address those needs. The 2018 Chiefs Charity Game was instrumental in several initiatives, including the opening of the Homeroom Health clinic to provide physical, oral and mental healthcare to children in foster care and youth who have aged out of the system. 

Look What You Made Possible!

“Cornerstones of Care was one of the first organizations I visited here in Kansas City and to get a glimpse of what they do was amazing,” Chiefs Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins said. “To get the opportunity to give back and help local foster youth is so important. It’s an exciting opportunity to team up with Cornerstones of Care and help make sure these kids and families are given the same opportunities as others.”