When: Friday, April 27 from 9-6
  • Saturday, April 28 from 9-5
Where:Cornerstones of Care — Ozanam Campus' Sims Greenhouse
  •     421 E 137th St • Kansas City, Mo.
  •     Visitors are welcome to park anywhere. Signs will help direct visitors to the Sims Greenhouse.

Our annual Thyme for Kids Plant Sale features a variety of plants, flowers and herbs grown by the children. Open to the public and free to attend, most plants cost between $2-$8. Proceeds from the sale support our horticultural therapy program, which gives youth the opportunity to spend time in a greenhouse and garden nurturing living plants. Through this program, they not only gain work experience, but also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they watch their plants flourish, and can draw correlations to their own lives.

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