Caleb's Story

Caleb's Story

Partnering for Growth, Health and Success

Caleb came to our Ozanam Campus therapeutic day treatment school as a fifth grader. When he arrived, he had difficulty regulating his emotions and succeeding academically, particularly with reading. Caleb is on the autism spectrum, and had a challenging time in his regular school environment. In addition, his home life was unpredictable, and violence was a common occurrence.

After Caleb was placed in our therapeutic day school, we worked with both him and his father, helping them to develop skills that led to a peaceful, healthy home environment. Caleb was able to work at his own pace, growing both academically and behaviorally. Caleb’s home school district worked closely with us, supporting him in each transition. Both Caleb and his father expressed gratitude for the personal attention he received from our staff and from his district’s special education coordinator.

Over time, the team approach made a huge impact.

“We are proud of Caleb and his dad, who partnered with staff to gain skills that have helped their home be a better place to live,” said Susan Buist, one of Caleb’s teachers. “They have worked together and accepted guidance from the staff, which has bettered their lives. They are prime examples of what can happen when parents, students, school staff and school districts work together.”

Caleb graduated high school in 2018 after returning to his home school full-time, even attending prom and other school-wide functions. He raises chickens, selling the eggs, and sometimes works as a farm laborer for his neighbors using skills he learned in our horticultural therapy program. Caleb is also employed full-time at a Kansas City business that manufactures pallets. We are so proud of him and his father, and grateful to have been a part of their story!

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