Davis and Darlene’s Story

Davis and Darlene’s Story

The Willingness to Change: Davis and Darlene’s Story

Davis* and Darlene are young parents with a history of substance abuse and childhood trauma. They were referred to our Intensive In-Home Services (IIS) after an argument spiraled out of control while they were both under the influence, and their kids were at home. They had developed very destructive ways of relating to one another, and as in this instance, it often ended in domestic violence. 

At their first meeting with Vicki, our IIS Specialist, it was apparent that they recognized the need for change and the seriousness of the patterns they were stuck in but were unsure of how to move toward healing. It was also apparent that they loved their children incredibly much, and were willing to put in the hard work to keep them safely at home.

“Both Davis and Darlene were open to services, honest, and willing to do whatever it took to make changes for themselves and their children,” says Vicki. 

Vicky worked with Davis and Darlene to develop a relapse prevention plan, identifying triggers that led to their usage and working on coping strategies to deal with some of the underlying issues driving them toward destructive behaviors. During the process, there was a very restrictive safety plan in place that included a zero tolerance of alcohol in the home and daily check-ins by Vicky as well as regular screenings.

“They went to each screening and did not fail one test,” Vicki says. “The dedication that takes is huge!”

 During her time with Davis and Darlene, Vicki helped them set goals for their future as a family. This was something they never really allowed themselves to do, and it was an empowering experience for both of them. They began attending Narcotics Anonymous and got connected with other local services such as food and phone assistance plans to set them up for success once we were out of their home.

At the end of their six weeks with us, Davis and Darlene were hopeful for what lay ahead for them, and so are we! They have remained sober for over a year now, and the kids are safe and thriving in a much healthier home environment.

We firmly believe that prevention and early intervention are the most effective tools we have in reducing the effects of trauma. Learn more about these services.

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality.