The passage of Amendment 2 is a Tangible Step to Erasing Racial Disparities in Healthcare

As many as 230,000 Missourians, including 41,000 Black Missourians, will have access to life-saving healthcare coverage if voters approve Medicaid expansion on Tuesday, August 4. 

Medicaid expansion would also benefit approximately 50,000 Missouri parents, allowing them to gain access to health coverage. States that have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act have seen a greater reduction in infant mortality than non-expansion states, as well as reduced rates of death. In Missouri, there are significant disparities in outcomes for Black mothers and infants. 

Unequal treatment in healthcare access and outcomes overall has become more apparent in recent months with COVID-19 disproportionately hurting Black communities. 

“Passing Medicaid expansion is one of the most important things we can do right now to support Missouri families,” said Cornerstones of Care President and CEO Denise Cross. “Every day we work to improve the health and safety of children and families across the state through our prevention, treatment and support services. In communities throughout Missouri, in particular communities of color, we have seen the devastating impact the lack of healthcare has on individuals and families.  Voter approval of Amendment 2 will help reduce racial disparities which will result in healthier families, healthier children and healthier communities,” said Cross.

In addition to being able to deliver healthcare to individuals earning less than $18,000 a year through Medicaid expansion, more than $1 billion in Missouri tax dollars will be brought back to the state from Washington every year. As Missouri is currently responsible for a greater share of healthcare costs than under Medicaid expansion, annual savings for the state are also expected to reach $1.013 billion by 2026.

A new study commissioned by Missouri Foundation for Health and conducted by Regional Economic Models, Inc. finds Medicaid expansion will help protect Missouri health care jobs and create over 16,000 jobs every year, more than 80% outside the health care sector. At a time of economic hardship, high unemployment, and state budget cuts, expansion will increase economic output by $2.5 billion, and add to average personal income by $1.1 billion annually.  

Missouri voters should vote Yes on Amendment 2 on August 4.

How Can I Help?

  • Learn more about Medicaid Expansion in Missouri and how you can support its expansion
  • Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to vote YES on Amendment 2
  • Vote YES on Amendment 2 on August 4