As an organization certified in trauma-informed care, we embrace an organizational culture of nonviolence, emotional intelligence, social learning, open communication and democracy, social responsibility, and openness to growth and change. We also advocate for proactive policy approaches that:

  • Reduce the incidence and impact of trauma.
    We uphold the universal human value of protecting children and encouraging their success. We will also work for changes to address the root causes of trauma including poverty, healthcare disparities, violence, educational inequity, and oppression. As an organization, we have a long legacy of helping children and families heal from trauma, and we also know there is no substitute for prevention, whenever and wherever we can.
  • Create safe and healing environments that respect dignity and inclusion.
    Cultural Competence is important to us. We challenge our assumptions and policies as well as evolve programs to meet the unique needs and strengths of our diverse and ever-changing community.
  • Build community to transform systems and individual lives.
    We will partner with those who share a vision of community health, child well-being, and inclusive change — including our children and families and their communities. Our staff, supporters, partners and the children and families we serve are our most valuable resources to effect change.
  • Take risks in pursuit of valuable gains.
    Cornerstones of Care affirms evidence-based practices to get results that benefit our children and families. Our willingness to test interventions and examine untested assumptions can inform the next generation of ‘best practices’ and offer real hope to the children and families that we serve.