Let the people who make the decisions about policies and resources that affect children and families know you stand for healthier families and children. Here are a few ways you can make your voice heard for children and families:

Family First Act Opens Opportunities for Supportive Housing

Supportive housing initiatives help stabilize families so they can provide safe and healthy environments for children. This improves education, employment and health care outcomes. With the passage of the Family First Prevention Services Act, states will have the flexibility to use federal funds for expanding and enhancing time-limited prevention services such as home visitation, supportive housing, etc. 

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Work Requirements Will Affect Vulnerable Families

Three newly proposed policy changes surrounding stricter work requirements are posted to have a negative affect on vulnerable families in Kansas and Missouri. If all three are passed into law, more than a million children will be affected by a loss of basic health care, inadequate food and higher rent on the poorest tenants in federally subsidized housing.

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Opioid Abuse is Sending Children Into Foster Care

Foster care caseloads have been steadily increasing for years, which correlates with the percentage of children removed from their homes due to parental abuse of drugs during the same period. Congress recently approved $6 billion in federal resources to fight the opioid crisis; however, it is unclear how those resources will be used.

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Trauma-Informed Care Act Helps Children Overcome Adversity

Urge legislators to pass this 2017 Act.

When children don't have the opportunity to heal from the trauma they've experienced, the unaddressed effects are enormous. Trauma affects a child's brain development. Their subsequent emotional and educational challenges can threaten their potential as a productive adult and they are at risk to experience major medical health issues. The Trauma-Informed Care for Children and Families Act seeks to identify children who have experienced trauma and provide immediate support.

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Human Trafficking Laws Need Support

Urge the Senate to support human trafficking laws to protect the victims.

Human slavery and trafficking takes many forms, oftentimes right under our noses. It is a $9.8 billion dollar industry in the United States alone, and estimated 20 to 27 million people are trafficked worldwide for either labor or sex. Growing awareness of the issue has led to evolving support for victims across the country, yet more support is needed to protect the innocent and new bills are sitting in front of our legislators right now.

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