Make an Honor or Memorial Gift

Special thanks to the following individuals who made honor or memorial gifts through April 30, 2024. This list is updated periodically throughout the year. We appreciate your support!

Honor Gifts

In Honor of Toni Allen

  • Anonymous

In Honor of George Binger

  • Mr. Chris Kenagy

In Honor of Sally Cook

  • Ms. Mary Lynne Dolembo

In Honor of Meghan Davison

  • Mr. Jay Gilman

In Honor of Kenneth Gerling

  • Olander Family Charitable Fund - GKCCF
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Olander

In Honor of Kendall Harbin

  • J. Frank Hudson Legacy Foundation - GKCCF

In Honor of Aidan Hathaway

  • Mr. Michael Filla

In Honor of Steve Hathaway

  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rodgers

In Honor of Kalista

  • Ms. Michele Rivera Roper

In Honor of Patrick McCullough

  • Ms. Sandra Hines

In Honor of Laurie Minx

  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gemeinhardt

In Honor of the Ozanam team – Angi, Mary and everyone who helped our family

  • Anonymous

    Memorial Gifts

    In Memory of George Benner

    • Mr. and Mrs. RJ Ameling
    • Mr. and Mrs. Gus Breytspraak
    • Ms. Barbara Duchek
    • Mrs. and Mrs. Paul Mosiman
    • Ms. Janice Stanley
    • Mr. and Mrs. Owen VandeVelde

    In Memory of Earl Blessing

    • Ms. Valerie Harris
    • Mrs. Kelly Holtzinger
    • Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Mahan

    In Memory of Linda Cook

    • Haverty Family Foundation Fund - GKCCF

    In Memory of Judith Dellett

    • Chi Omega Alumnae Association of Greater Kansas City
    • Ms. Elaine Claiborne
    • Ms. Carol Jackson
    • Ms. Rene Morrow
    • Ms. Paula Nicholson 

    In Memory of Autumn Early

    • Cynthia Coleman and David Reeves

    In Memory of Manuel Gonzalez

    • Mrs. Dawn Hernandez

    In Memory of Judy Hart

    • Laurie and Tyler Minx
    • The Moran Company

    In Memory of Kay Latimer

    • Mrs. and Mrs. William Grayska
    • Mrs. Jane Norris

    In Memory of Charles “C3” McDonald III

    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDonald

    In Memory of Sam Pisciotta

    • Mr. Anthony Inzenga

    In Memory of Bryson Smith

    • Ms. Janet Maxey

    In Memory of Styles M. White

    • Mr. and Mrs. Richard White