Make an Honor or Memorial Gift

Special thanks to the following individuals who made honor or memorial gifts through December 31, 2022. This list is updated periodically throughout the year. We appreciate your support!

Honor Gifts

In honor of Melissa Abuel

  • Melissa Abuel

In honor of Carol Allen


In honor of A

  • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Crocker

In honor of G. Jeane Barnett

  • Denise Cross and Mr. Larry Hightower

In honor of Eyvonne Bowlin

  • Justin Horton

In honor of Vicki Brock

  • Barb Twigg

In honor of Sally Cook

  • Mary Lynne Dolembo

In honor of Denise Cross

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bacon Jr.
  • Lesa A. Chandler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grimaldi
  • Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • Putney Family Charitable Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Freddy A. Romero
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Wright Jr.

In honor of Kathy Couch

  • Mr. and Mrs. James F. Muren

In honor of Thomas Evans

  • Charles Evans

In honor of Bob and Vicki Fitzgerald’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

  • Mr. and Mrs. Doug Alt
  • Michael Fallon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald
  • Donald Landuyt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Keith McGovern
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Morgenroth, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Riha
  • Michael Scanlon
  • Jayme Wear
  • Brian Williams

In honor of Paul Gemeinhardt, Rob Whitten and Doug Zimmerman

  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • The Moran Company

In honor of Brian and Stephanie Guffey

  • Gwynn Olson

In honor of J Dr. James R. Halloran

  • Tonya Knoettgen

In honor of Chad Harris

  • Allison Foss
  • Larry Harris
  • Denise O’Brien
  • Motivation Fund
  • Christian Wiggins

In honor of Traci and George Ismert

  • Terri Lynn Waters

In honor of Laura Muren

  • Mr. and Mrs. James Muren

In honor of Steven Myers

  • Paul Richardson 

In honor of Zadie O’Donnell

  • Na'im Mabry

In honor of Megan Sperry

  • Anne Carlson
  • Lesa Chandler
  • Patricia Kennedy
  • Steph Hart
  • Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Dr. Steve Hathaway
  • Laura Herron
  • Shannon Hesterberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Holland
  • Karrin Huhmann
  • Megan Lozano
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Ono
  • Mr. and Mrs. Todd Oser
  • Shawn Saving
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Sherman
  • Judith Soltys
  • Warren Traynor
  • Susan Weninger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wheeler

In honor of Erin Wilson

  • Melissa Barnett
  • Ms. Lacey Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Grosscup
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Knott
  • Mr. Zachary Beyer
  • Mr. John Mitchelson

In honor of Teresa Wollen

  • Mr. and Mrs. James Muren

Memorial Gifts

In memory of Kenneth Ballard

  • Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Bryant
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Bryant
  • Ms. Eva Cardiff-Baker
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ingham
  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis Parson
  • Ms. Connie Rose

In memory of Martha Brockman

  • Yoss Bros. Thriftway

In memory of Linda Cook

  • Anonymous
  • Ms. Melinda Beal
  • Ms. Becky Berg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brouillette
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burcham
  • Mr. and Mrs. John W. Callison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mack Colt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Cobb
  • Ms. Eileen Cohen
  • Mr. J. Robert Cook
  • Ms. Lois Davidson
  • Mr. Matthew Dow
  • Ms. DeAnn Eaton
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Eddy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ertz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fisher
  • Dr. Hires W. Gage
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steve Glassman
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
  • Haverty Family Foundation Fund
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barnett Helzberg
  • Mr. Richard T. Hill
  • Mr. Roger Hurwitz
  • Ms. Susan Hughes
  • The Jewish Community Foundation of
  • Mr. Gregory J. Kallos
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Kennedy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kreamer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Danny Lara
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lyon
  • Ms. Jacqueline A. Madden
  • Mr. Robert Maddox
  • Ms. Lynnly Marcotte
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kent F. Maughan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Mehrer
  • Mr. and Mrs. John E. Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sean Murray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ollinger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ken Patterson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Piebenga
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Popper
  • Powerful Performance Solutions, LLC.
  • Ms. Carol Price
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reintjes
  • Ms. Susan Sands
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Schwegler
  • Ms. Mary Spradley
  • Ms. Paula Starr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Story
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Struby
  • Ms. Jo A. Sullivan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Thornhill
  • Training Dynamics, LLC.
  • Ms. and Mrs. Christian Vives
  • Mr. Michael Walden
  • Ms. Adelaide Ward
  • Mr. William V. Wolbach
  • Ms. Marian Wood                    

In memory of Joann Cross

  • Ms. Denise G. Cross and Mr. Larry Hightower
  • Dr. Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ryerson
  • Ms. Ryann D. Waller

In memory of Jennifer Eaton

  • Kiefer Senior Care
  • Ms. Susan Kiefer

In memory of Rachel Genosky

  • CRB
  • Mr. Tim Seley

In memory of Pawpaws Gregg

  • Mrs. Stephanie Surrey

In memory of Willis Hallman

  • Mrs. Katherine Hallman

In memory of JoAnn Harris

  • Dr. Jasper Harris

In memory of Judy Hart

  • Mr. & Mrs. David Leavitt
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. G. McEachen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • The Moran Company

In memory of Bryan Higdon

  • Ms. Marcia Hatfield

In memory of Eileen Hightower

  • Ms. Diana Crutchfield
  • Ms. Grace Cross and Mr. Willie Harper
  • Mrs. Marcia Seabourne

In memory of Donna Hoover

  • Mrs. Jennifer Harrison
  • MCPL Technical Services Department
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters

In memory of Marilyn Maize

  • Carlson & Associates LLC

In memory of Boots McCoy

  • Dr. Chad Harris

In memory of Charles "C3" McDonald III

  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDonald        

In memory of Jennifer Miller

  • Ms. Martha Miller

In memory of Charles C. Minx

  • Dr. Chad Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Minx
  • The Moran Company

In memory of Jay Sarson

  • Anonymous

In memory of Barbara Scheible

  • Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson

In memory of Emily Sharp

  • Anonymous
  • Mr. Randall Bathurst
  • Ms. Bretney Belvill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Bellinger
  • Mrs. Cynthia Cashman
  • Ms. Joyce Chaney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cline
  • Mrs. Maya Cyrs-Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. Derek Feist
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fiser
  • Ms. Michelle Funk
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hornback
  • Ms. Michele Jennings
  • Mr. and Mrs. RD Jones
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jameson King
  • The Mitchell Family Living Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Justin Nichols
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Pawlowicz
  • Ms. Glee Peters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Pugliese
  • Ms. Joan Roof
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Saville
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schnieders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Seyller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shada
  • Ms. Kathleen Sheehan
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vogt
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Woolley       
  • Ms. Laura Wyckoff
  • Ms. Mary K. Zawatzki

In memory of Margaret Simerly

  • Ms. Clara Lord

In memory of Virgina Skelton

  • Ms. Sandy Hoffman

In memory of Chuck Stanford

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dever

In memory of John Stanley

  • Black & Veatch Corporation

In memory of Daniel Stern

  • Daniel and Ann Stern Fund

In memory of Sue Tehel

  • Mr. Michael Schulte

In memory of Bonnie Lou Wallen Boyd

  • Kulham, Reddoch, Sullivan P.C.

In memory of Robyn D. Waller

  • Mr. Larry Hightower and Mrs. Denise Cross

In memory of Styles White

  • Mr. Richard White