The Wait Is Over for One of the Leading Behavior Management Programs

Behavioral Intervention Support Team (BIST) processes have gotten results in classrooms for nearly four decades, and now those concepts are available in a book for the first time.

Cultivating Behavioral Change in K-12 Students: Team-based Intervention and Support Strategies provides compassionate, comprehensive, and evidence-based strategies to empower educators and parents with the resources and understanding they need to help young learners find success in the classroom.

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After reading this book, principals, administrators, mental health practitioners, and teacher-leaders will be better prepared to collaborate on student behavioral change, foster productive relationships with children and families, encourage learners to hone behavior management skills, and more. Learn what more than 300 schools in nine states currently put in place. Like them, you will see the benefits of BIST:

  • Decreased disruptive behavior in the classroom and at home
  • Increased learning time in the classroom
  • Enhanced school culture
  • Team building through a common understanding and language
  • Improved teacher retention

 “My goal as a teacher is to protect, support, and help kids be successful in school not just academically but behaviorally and emotionally as well. I am a firm believer and a testament that The BIST Model works.”

- Stephanie Mwansanga, Third Grade Teacher, Trailridge Elementary


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