Cornerstones of Care is dedicated to partnering for safe and healthy communities by leveraging decades of expertise and a certification in trauma-informed care to provide an array of quality prevention, treatment and support services to children and families. We strive to affect positive change, give a stronger voice to those in need, raise awareness in our communities and deliver a fully integrated approach to care.

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Statement by Cornerstones of Care CEO Denise Cross on Kansas Child Welfare Grants 

Posted January 4, 2019

On November 1, 2018, the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) announced its selection of Cornerstones of Care as one of its providers of child welfare services under new grants for Family Preservation & Foster Care services, effective July 1, 2019.  We were honored to have the opportunity to build upon our decades of serving Kansas citizens through our delivery of behavioral health, juvenile justice and family services to help improve the state’s current child welfare system and, most importantly, to improve the experiences of children served by the system. 

Yesterday, Governor-elect Kelly’s transition team asked that we pause implementation of the Department for Children and Families’ grants.

Partnering for safe and healthy communities is our mission here at Cornerstones of Care, and we look forward to partnering with Governor-elect Kelly, her transition team and the newly appointed DCF Secretary for Kansas children and families.  We stand ready to support the new administration and are prepared to work alongside them as they transition into leading our State Government in Kansas.

Governor-elect Kelly has a long career and track record of supporting children and families through her policies and leadership. This has been evident in her tireless commitment to the Kansas Child Welfare System Task Force, which has been working over the last year to improve the existing system for children.  The Task Force recommendations were thoughtful and well-informed, and many were consistent with the approaches we outlined in our own proposals submitted as part of the Child Welfare Grants’ Request for Proposals process.

Yesterday we reached out to Governor-elect Kelly’s team to offer our full support and to assist as we can as they move forward.  Safety, well-being and stability for Kansas children are our priorities, and we look forward to working with the new Kansas administration and the many other community partners across the state towards these efforts. 

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