Foster parenting is an opportunity to provide a much needed service to a child in your community. Through no fault of their own, foster youth have come into state care due to abuse, neglect or abandonment from those who should have nurtured and protected them. 

Our highest priority is to match these children with loving families who will provide a safe and supportive environment. Foster families come in all varieties, including single parent, same sex, blended and mixed race. Each year more than 23,000 youth turn 18 without ever having families to call their own. At Cornerstones of Care, our job is to find, prepare and support the right family — the right fit — for each child in the state’s care within the counties we serve.

Placement Preferences

When a child enters state custody, we work tirelessly to find a foster placement, and eventually a permanent placement with a nurturing family. It’s in the best interest of the child to either safely reunify them with their family or find a relative/kinship placement with extended family or a familiar face, such as a coach or a teacher, within their community. Our priority is to keep siblings together whenever possible. We utilize Missouri's policy for placement preference when a child is removed from their home:

  1. Parent
  2. Grandparents
  3. Immediate Relatives
  4. Kin in the Community
  5. Foster Parent

Become a Foster Parent

There are many reasons why people consider becoming a foster or adoptive parent — the desire to help children, wanting to give back to the community, etc. Whatever your reason may be, we offer various services to help you along the way.

  • Recruitment and Licensing  Working with the Missouri Children's Division, we provide training and licensing for foster parents care. In order to become a foster parent, each family must become licensed care providers.
  • Treatment Foster Care — This is the highest level of care for children and youth who have experienced extreme trauma. Our trauma-informed team will provide you with an enhanced and individualized level of support to help children heal and prepare for the future.
  • 30 Days to Family®  Children heal more quickly when kept in a familiar community and school district or with a well-known and trusted adult. When a child is removed from the home, we work tirelessly contacting family members, coaches and teachers — anyone with an established relationship with the child — to find a placement. If we’re unable to find placement in their network quickly, the youth is placed in an available foster family nearby. 30 Days to Family® is provided through our partnership with the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition.
  • Home Finding Center  This specialized team of social workers stay connected with all the foster parents we serve. The home finding utilizes a call center which notifies foster families if a child or sibling group needs placement in their area and helps streamline the placement process across Northwest Missouri while providing a single point of contact for our foster families waiting for a placement.
  • Foster Care Case Management — Once a child enters into the child welfare system due to abuse or neglect, we provide comprehensive foster care case management services to focus on reunifying the family in a safe environment. These services are automatic upon entering into foster care and are provided in Cass, Jackson and Johnson counties. 
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Adoption Services

We offer adoption services through Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a program which provides dedicated adoption professionals who focus solely on finding homes for foster youth who might have more difficulty being placed. Many of the youth in this program are older, have special needs or are part of a large sibling group. This program is funded through grants received from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

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