Our HR Department's Philosophy

We provide resources and collaborative learning to our partners, employees and members of the community that are empowering, inclusive, responsive and innovative.

Our Department Staff

Human Resources Staff
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Jamie joined Cornerstones of Care in July of 2022 as the Director of Human Resource Operations before being promoted to Chief Human Resource Officer. Jamie is responsible for leading organizational change initiatives, and creating a strong organizational culture which is supportive of employees and the work they do. She is also responsible for setting policy and ensuring compliance with a range of employment and regulatory practices essential to leading the organization's strategy. Her goal is to support each team member by improving culture and increase retention to attract talent.

Prior to Cornerstones of Care, Jamie served at area nonprofit organizations for more than 21 years. Her passion and dedication for serving others who serve on the frontline is the driving force behind her love of human resources. Most recently, she served as Senior Director of Human Resources at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas.

employment verification, health insurance, voluntary benefits 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Gabriel Coleman joined Cornerstones of Care in 2017, bringing with him more than 2 years of working with youth and families. He has served as a classroom teacher in the Kansas City Missouri School District for over two years. Gabriel completed his Master’s Degree in Human Resources - Training & Development in 2005 at Webster University. He has a total of 4 years of working in Human Resources, including 3 years of experience with Cornerstones of Care. 
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Cornerstones of Care — St. Joseph

Reza Soleymani-Alizadeh has over a decade of experience working within non-profit social service organizations. He previously worked within many roles including direct care staff, case management services, and director to residential programs. Reza is now going into his second year at Cornerstones of Care within the human resources department and feels he is able to uniquely advocate and support employees within Cornerstones of Care due to his wide range of experiences working within social service organizations. Reza also enjoys spending time with his family, being active outdoors, and playing soccer.
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Cornerstones of Care — Columbia
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Cornerstones of Care – Gillis Campus
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Cornerstones of Care – Gillis Campus
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Cornerstones of Care – KCK

Collaborative Learning & Training

For collaborative learning and training-related questions, please email 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Lesa Armagost Chandler joined Cornerstones of Care in 2005, bringing with her more than 20 years of experience working with youth and families. She has served as a therapeutic foster parent, youth minister, conference presenter, training specialist and foster care director. Lesa has brought her passion to facilitating adult learning opportunities in a variety of settings for 38 years. She has her white belt in Nia and enjoys bicycling, quilting, reading, working with teenagers and being outdoors. 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Ted joined The Collaborative Learning & Training Team in May 2016. Prior to that, he had been at the Ozanam campus since 1998. He has been a Youth Behavioral Health Specialist, Lead Staff, and became a manager in 2010. Ted also has chaired the Ozanam Sanctuary Training Committee & was a member of the Cornerstones of Care Training Committee. He regularly trains The Sanctuary Model, New Team Member Orientation, and other courses, and has also done trauma informed care trainings for local school districts and has trained Missouri Children’s Division workers. Ted has also trained Resource Parents. Ted enjoys spending time with his 2 sons and smoking pork butts and ribs; usually while listening to music.   
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Natalie joined the Cornerstones of Care team in 2019. She is a Master Level Social Worker licensed in Kansas and Missouri, and has been working in child welfare for 6 years and has been training Kansas Foster Care for 2 years. When she isn’t developing and providing trainings she is either singing her heart out in competitive karaoke or spending quality time with her favorite humans and pets. 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

A familiar face joined the training team on February 1. Beth brings a variety of experiences with children and families. She has been training and implementing The Sanctuary Model since 2009, and is an advocate for the children and families served. When she is not working you can find her on the spending time with family, on a golf course or at a museum or library. 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus  
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Rachel Stompoly joined the Cornerstones of Care Training team in 2019. With a Bachelors and Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, her 5 years of experience working with youth in foster care and their families brings passion to her trainings for Foster Care Employees. Rachel’s favorite trainings to provide for employees, foster parents, and community members include combatting Human Trafficking, Suicide prevention and treatment, and Trauma-Informed practices. Rachel enjoys hiking, yoga, crime documentaries and podcasts, as well as spending quality time with loved ones. 
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Cornerstones of Care — Gillis Campus

Teri Schuler joined Cornerstones of Care in 2019, after 30 plus years in the Commercial/residential design industry. Although she’s new to the world of nonprofit work, Teri is dedicated to the idea of playing her part to improve the safety and health of families in need. She is an avid cyclist, runner and most importantly a MOM.