Healthy Choices Group Referral

If a student has been suspended from school, our Healthy Choices groups may be what you are looking for. Intended to reintegrate elementary and middle school students back into the classroom, Healthy Choices groups help students work on improving emotional intelligence, emotion management, and accountability. By incorporating these skills with the child’s strengths, students can improve coping and conflict-resolution skills and their own self-worth. Groups:

  • meet once a week for four weeks.
  • have up to five students in a group.
  • have age/grade-appropriate lessons.


1. The child is a student at one of the following:

  • Elementary Schools: Armstrong, Arrowpoint, Barrington, Brown, Galactic, Jury, Larimore, Lusher, McCurdy, or Twillman

  • Middle Schools: Central, North, or Northwest

2. A student’s caregiver may make a referral. A school professional may also contact a student’s caregiver to discuss and make a referral. Once the referral is received, caregivers will be contacted for consent forms and to schedule sessions. Sessions occur during school hours.

3. In addition to the Healthy Choices Group, Cornerstones of Care provides school-based therapy services to Hazelwood Students. If you are interested in therapy services, please use our School-Based Therapy Referral Form

Direct further questions to Laura Nolan at laura.nolan@cornerstonesofcare.org.

Healthy Choices Group Referral Form

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