We provide trauma-informed substance abuse treatment services to individuals whose drug or alcohol use is negatively impacting their home and school life. We offer a variety of different interventions based on the needs and situation of the youth and their family. These may include dual-diagnosis residential treatment, functional family therapy, in-home, and after-care options.

These services are funded by the anti-drug tax program COMBAT. COMBAT’s mission is to ensure a strong, safe community for its residents free from the dangers of illegal drugs and violent crime through the use of prevention education, treatment services and support of the criminal justice system.

  • Youth (18 and under) who have abused drugs and/or alcohol
  • Youth (18 and under) who are living with family where addiction is present

Our treatment team is certified in the Sanctuary Model® of trauma-informed care, which complements our evidence-based practices, including the Matrix Model, Motivational Interviewing and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). Individual, family and group therapy as well as psycho-education sessions are provided to youth on an individual basis.  

We also provide Functional Family therapy, which is a structured in-home family therapy program that has shown to be effective for youth and families where substance abuse issues are present. Referrals are often made through court services or the schools. The therapist begins with building a trusted relationship with each family member while seeking to build hope and motivation. The next phase involves achieving growth and change by working on modifying behaviors, followed by building the abilities of family members to use changed behavior skills in other settings, including school and the community. Families are able to learn and practice more effective responses to each other and to the wider community to address both familial conflict and the concerns of the community.  

Through progress in therapy, youth will be able to:
  • Identify healthy coping skills to exercise self-control
  • Establish a relapse prevention plan
  • Learn how to gain support and insights from attending a self-help group, as well as other processing groups available at the Ozanam campus location
  • Understand and take action on ways to reduce harm and risk through educational groups and individual therapy
  • Involve themselves in expressive arts and extracurricular activities offered at the Ozanam campus location that can build on strengths
  • Learn new hobbies that could be helpful for their recovery long-term

Substance Abuse Treatment Locations & Phone Number

You can contact us at 855-778-5437, option 5, to begin the intake process. Upon calling, you will be given the opportunity to complete the required referral form with the assistance of a resiliency specialist or on your own. If you choose to complete the form on your own, it will be sent to you via email or fax along with an informed consent form. Our physical locations are:

  • Cornerstones of Care – Ozanam Campus
    421 E 137th St
    Kansas City, MO 64145
  • Cornerstones of Care – Overland Park 
    6420 W 95th St, Suite 100 
    Overland Park, KS 66212
  • In Your Home  (Functional Family Therapy Patients Only)
  • When needed, our team eliminates barriers such as transportation and childcare by offering in-home substance abuse treatment therapy during the day, evening or weekend. If you have any barriers to care, please let your therapist know.

Make A Referral

If you’re a referring partner, contact us at 913-826-3150 to start the referral process.