If you experience issues accessing information on our website, please check your browser compatibility with the information below. 

Web Browser Requirements

Supported Browser:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or higher*
    • Internet Explorer 10 requires COMPATIBILITY MODE enabled
  • Mozilla - Firefox 3.5 or higher
  • Google Chrome 10 or higher

Required Configuration:

  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Allow popups (disable popup blocker)
  • Remove caching (see FAQ)

Other Requirements:

  • Adobe Reader 9 or higher (download)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I'm viewing documents, I keep seeing the previous document.
A: Disable the caching (memory) option from your browser which will force your browser to see a new document.

Q: How do I disable the caching (memory) option from my browser?
A: If you're using IE:

  1. Click on the Tools Menu - Select Internet Options
  2. Click on the General tab - Under Browsing History, click on the Settings button.
  3. In the Temporary Internet Files area, check "Every time I visit the webpage", click OK button

If you're using Firefox:

  1. Click on the Tools Menu - Select Options
  2. Click on the Advanced tab - Click Network tab.
  3. In the Offline Storage area, enter 0(zero) KB of disc space for the cache and click on the Clear Now button, click OK button

If you're using Chrome:

  1. Chrome won't let you configure cache size

Q: How do I enable COMPATIBILITY MODE in IE 10?
A: At the top of the browser, next to the URL there is an icon you can click to enable COMPATIBILITY MODE. Instructions to Enable Compatibility Mode (Microsoft Website)

You may be able to run applications running other internet browsers; however, support is not provided. In the event that you are experiencing problems using an unsupported browser, please try again with a supported browser using the required configurations.