Your generous support, no matter the distance, can help us continue our mission to provide quality education and support for over 300 students annually from 30 school districts across the region. Additionally, our BIST consulting and training programs positively impact over 300 schools in nine states, creating supportive learning environments for students.

Make a Difference from Wherever You Are:

  • $500: Ignite students' sense of wonder and expand their horizons with immersive field trip experiences.
  • $250: Fuel curiosity and inspire future innovators by supporting STEM activities.
  • $100: Equip students with essential supplies, including backpacks, textbooks, and school materials.
  • $50: Ignite a sense of belonging and confidence, providing students with a brand-new pair of shoes to start the school year.
  • $25: Empower students with educational resources, supplying school uniforms for a sense of belonging.

Your contribution will create a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of these young learners. Together, let's groove and create a brighter future for our community's children and youth!