McKim Family Story

McKim Family Story

Fostering a Family 

Josh and Angie McKim became foster parents with Cornerstones of Care two years ago. Just as they were completing their certification, they received a call that a set of three-year-old twin boys had been removed from their home due to neglect and needed a family to stay with. Both of children were nonverbal, developmentally delayed and needed a high level of assistance.

Their mother June* struggled with alcoholism, but was seeking help and was motivated to do what was necessary to achieve sobriety. As Josh and Angie got to know her, they empathized with her challenges and, just like her children, welcomed her as part of the family.

“I think that, oftentimes, biological families have just gotten overwhelmed and given up,” Angie says. “While there is always a reason for children to be removed, these families are in the greatest crisis of their lives. To be met with judgment is not helpful to them. We now have more compassion for people.”

As June worked on her recovery, she became more involved in the lives of her sons, the McKims and their biological children. June’s sisters, parents and grandparents also rallied around the boys, lending their support and ensuring their familial ties stayed intact.

“The McKims are truly amazing people,” says Missouri Children's Division Circuit Manager Victoria Lager. “They took in not only the children, but also the mother to help support her. They gave her courage to overcome challenges in her life and preserved a relationship. They created a lasting bond and are a real inspiration.”

“Through this process, I have learned the stigma that biological parents must feel after losing their children,” Angie explains. “Showing them that they can do this, they can have a positive relationship with the children and raise them is half of the foster care journey. The ultimate goal of every placement is reunification.”

After two years with the McKims, the boys are back on track developmentally and, as Angie describes, “chatterboxes”. Though the original goal was reunification, June decided that asking the McKims to adopt the boys was the best choice. June and her family are still very much a part of the boys' lives, and will continue to be so even after the adoption is finalized.

“We are raising the twins as a team,” Angie says. “They will live with us and take our last name, but, in truth, we are inviting June into our extended family as well.”

Our job is to make sure that, when possible, a happy reunification happens. When not, we still recognize the importance of keeping biological families involved if it is not at the expense of the child's safety. If you want join the McKims in keeping children safe and families together, please reach out to our team!

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the child.