Become a Chiefs Charity Game Fundraiser in Less than 2 Minutes

Become a Chiefs Charity Game Fundraiser in Less than 2 Minutes

So, you’re ready to join us in raising money for our children and families through the Chiefs Charity Game, but the idea of setting up an online fundraising page is a little intimidating? Don’t worry! We’ve made it as simple as possible to start raising funds and earning Chiefs swag.

Here are the four quick steps to set up your page:

Step 1: Visit the Chiefs Charity Game fundraising page and click “Start Fundraising”.

Step 2: Name your page something fun (don’t stress out about it, you can change it later) and enter the other required information.

Step 3: Personalize your page by adding photos and writing why you’re getting involved. We’ve included sample language to make it as easy as possible, but feel free to customize it to tell others why you care about us and the safety and health of children and families. 

Step 4: Invite people to donate money to support your efforts! Email it to your friends and family, post it to social media, print out a PDF and tape it to your neighbor’s door with instructions, etc. Get creative. Get competitive. Have fun!

As a fundraiser, you will have access to perks for every fundraising milestone that you hit, including Chiefs Charity Game tumblers, a custom Charlie Hustle tee and Chiefs tickets. Learn more about how the money raised will benefit our kids, along with more ways to get involved.