Staff Spotlight - Nakia Winston

Nakia Winston is one of our incredible family development specialists. She works hard week in and week out to place children in loving treatment foster care (TFC) homes in the St. Louis area. We asked her more about her work, and why she keeps going, even when it gets tough.

How long have you been in the field of foster care?  
I have been working in child welfare in one way or another for over 10 years. I have been with Cornerstones of Care one year this week.

What drew you to the profession? What keeps you going when it gets difficult?
I was drawn into the profession because I was a teen who struggled a bit and wanted to work with other kids. I started working in residential during my undergrad and fell in love with it. During the difficult times, I remember how amazing the kids are we work with and block out the adults.

Can you describe what makes treatment foster care special? What differentiates it from other types of care?
Treatment foster care is special because we are supplying a service to our kiddos. An intensive service they would typically get in a residential setting without getting the love and nurturing environment of a family and a home. We are joining the two together. Therapy is typically done in an office. All of our services are done in the family home.

What are some things you’re celebrating from the last year?
We have successfully placed five kiddos in TFC homes. They are experiencing a level of normalcy they haven’t in a long time.

How does our partnership with the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition help your work?  
We have unique relationship with Project Soar of the Coalition. They identify children whom have struggled in placements, and we work together to identify their trauma history and then prepare and match them with an appropriate TFC provider. 

What are some ways that people in St. Louis can help you all with the work that you’re doing?   
We need more people in St. Louis to become TFC providers or mentors for our kiddos.

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