Staff Spotlight - DeeDee Conrad

DeeDee Conrad is the definition of a giving person. She began her tenure at Cornerstones of Care 21 years ago as a youth behavioral health specialist, and has since worked with just about every age group that we serve in residential care. When she’s not working, DeeDee continues to live out her passion for hospitality by running her own catering business. She even routinely donates food and basic necessities to families in need that she knows but aren’t connected to any of our programs. We asked her a few questions about the work she does.

What are some of the things you do with the youth you work with?   
We do a lot of age-appropriate therapeutic group and basic life skills training. Sometimes we need to start from the very beginning because they’ve been so neglected. We are really hands-on, especially with the younger ones.

What drew you to work here? 
I had always wondered what this organization was. I walked in one day and asked some questions, and came away feeling like I could actually be really good at this. I turned in an application, and the rest is history!

Do you have an example of a win you’ve experience here? 
I can recall when I first came here, there was a particular child that needed extra attention that he hadn’t previously received. We made changes and they worked for him. Just to see his transformation was really rewarding.

What keeps you going when the work gets hard? 
I’ve always said that if I know that I’ve helped one person — just one kid out of 10 — then I feel rewarded. I know that I make a difference. I know for a fact that I have.

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