Day Treatment Team Rises to the Challenge

Day Treatment Team Rises to the Challenge

The phrase “back-to-school” looks very different this year. 

Worldwide educators are rising to the challenge to provide a safe and effective learning environment. While it’s not easy navigating what that looks like, our day treatment program team is committed to using a trauma-informed approach and quickly adapted to a virtual learning. They are going above and beyond to meet the needs of students, while providing wrap around services for their families.

They did not waste any time diving into ALL of the new learning that was required from multiple new technology platforms and an increased level of documentation. They have accomplished this feat with positivity and our students’ needs at the forefront of their minds.

Pam Sanders, director of education, Gillis Campus, reminds, “We are still educators. We didn’t forget how to teach, we can still impact the lives of our students and know that we made a difference.”

The day treatment team engaged parents to make remote learning successful. Parents and students were contacted by phone, email or text and arrangements were made to deliver school supplies and materials for weekly assignments. Through community support computers were supplied to students who needed one. If a parent reaches out for extra support; a therapist, teacher, or our safety team member stops by their home to help.

“These first two weeks have been a challenge for sure”, reported Jill Rush, Ozanam Campus director of education. She continued, “But our students are building relationships with teachers and each other and teachers are thinking outside the box every day determining how we can reach our most reluctant learners.”

Meeting both academic and the social emotional needs of our students and their families, while adapting to a completely new teaching curriculum, is something never experienced before. We applaud the dedication, determination and hard work from the day treatment team in their efforts to rise to this challenge, keeping children safe and educated and families engaged.